Healing is a natural part of conscious embodiment, and public classes can only carry us so far. Let us help you find deeper meaning in your practice through personal yoga and craniosacral sessions.

your oceanic bones

The craniosacral rhythms are the primordial undulations of our deepest fluid human form. Within the oceanic bone-space we are connected to Source. Clearing and rebooting these natural tides is a fundamental part of conscious embodiment. Although yoga, dance, and other forms of movement can keep us on the right path, sometimes it is necessary to have another soul lay on hands, witnessing, supporting, and reflecting our own capacity to heal.

Our innate healing force can only work efficiently if we are aligned throughout the physiological and energetic body, as much as possible at any given moment, with the power that animates us (prana, qi, life-force, Source). Craniosacral sessions allow a profound 'dropping in' to our most peaceful inner temple. This is a perfect complement to the dynamic practice of yogasana. It is a shared meditation (with the craniosacral practitioner) and a descent into our most vital and crucial interior harmony.

craniosacral + yoga = wow

Munay holds craniosacral sessions at Dragon Rising for many reasons, one of which we would hope would be obvious to those who frequent yoga classes at the studio. The depth to which we immerse ourselves in the subtle and dynamic movement of yogasana, is in its essence parallel with the craniosacral modality. The language of both is never separate, and each supports the other. In other words, they are perfect complementary paths.

The combination of yogasana and craniosacral integration forms one of the most powerful alchemical practices on the planet.

For rates and available times for craniosacral sessions please contact munay.

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