All classes held at Dragon Rising are meant to do one thing – help individuals realize inner space and alignment through integrative movement and spiritual clarity.

class descriptions

All classes are guided within a progressive and creative context that is body-appropriate and sustainable. Our passion is to support and inspire the natural flow of intelligence in the body, from inside to outside, from intuition to intellect. The breath of life is the canvas on which all of the movement is painted. This practice is constantly evolving, deconstructing and rebuilding itself, all while the universality of the governing structure and relationships of the human dynamic are held and expressed with functionality, dynamism, and wonder.

We try and make all of our classes as accessible as possible, while also facilitating the deepest and most vital, dynamic experience for all levels of practitioners.


The word 'prime' invokes Source. The primal class is an exploration of movement, integrating the simultaneity of animal tone (flexibility and strength), therapeutic asymmetrical sequencing, joint intelligence, human functionality, within a sustainable and breath-oriented space.

Practitioners experience a huge range of guided form, with variation and connections to real-world mechanics and energetics. This is non-linear, deeply therapeutic, kin to some unnamed slow, primordial dance. We share and guide postures that have been deconstructed from the common outer forms, emerging and morphing in an ever-evolving practice, encouraging practitioners to find their own expression and exploration within the held flow of the experience.

dragon flow

Mario's Dragon Flow classes are 75 minute explorations of self discovery and awakening, and are open to all levels of practitioners. Move the wind and still the waters in a balanced, inspirational blend of yoga and martial arts.


Community classes are essentially primal classes, but are always $5. It's one way we like to give a little something back to our beloved community (^_^).

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