Dragon Rising Emergence is a program designed to support and inspire you upon your path. It is a journey into the art, science, and movement of an evolving personal practice.


Our intention is to inspire and support a conscious, personal movement practice; to elevate practitioners' understanding of the importance and responsibility of healing through embodiment and awareness...

And to provide practitioners with the necessary tools for a safe, dynamic, lifelong yogic practice that is always an evolving alchemical support system for spiritual awakening.


The Dragon Rising Emergence program is not a yoga teacher training in the traditional sense. Although the program meets Yoga Alliance's requirements for a 200 hour teacher training, it is designed to provide practitioners and teachers with the understanding and experience necessary to establish a lifelong personal practice. We emphasize practice over teaching, trusting that it is one's experience in the personal practice that inspires sharing it.

From this foundation of essential self discovery and evolution, the practice continues to emerge in the most primal, fresh, insightful, and boundless ways.

the art and science of no system

Systems, although valuable gateways into the practice, are inherently limited. In a practice of primal movement the only system we must look to is that of Nature within the human form and energetic. This is the art and science of a practice based on the primal dance - the function and movement of the human experience. It is the movement of energy and the embodiment of a way of being that serves as a prayerful means to awakening.

Other than what the divine intelligence of the body tells us - beyond what is informed by the bone-space and all the major relationships that give rise to the human experience, there is no need for a system. We are exploring the universal practice while reflecting upon our personal patterns. Here we practice, in the words of Bruce Lee, 'no system as system!'

emergence defined

The common characteristics of emergence are:

1) Radical novelty (features not previously observed in systems). 2) Correlation - (integrated wholes that maintain themselves over time). 3) A global or macro 'level' - (there is some property of wholeness). 4) It is the product of a dynamical process - (it evolves). 5) It is 'ostensive' - (it can be perceived).

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