Dragon Rising Emergence is a program designed to support and inspire you upon your evolutionary path. It is a journey into the art, science, and movement of an evolving personal practice.

course overview

The Dragon Rising Emergence program offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves into the study of the art and science of a moving spiritual practice that is as big as life itself. What does that mean? It means that we study what is most vital to creating a foundation for a safe, liberated, core-oriented personal practice. While studying the inner workings of body-appropriate movement and energy, practitioners are invited to discover their own way through the direct experience of an individual practice.

Since the body is the temple of the Soul, we study and apply many threads that lend themselves to the understanding that the only system we must adhere to is the body itself. The human form, with all its complex relationships and systems, comprises a starting point. Students do not learn how to teach postures, but rather how to experience them in their essential nature. We explore the greatest gift offered by a certain posture or mode of movement, dropping everything else away in support of that simple truth.

structural integrity, soul integrity

How do we move? What is a natural, balanced range of motion? What are the major physical and energetic relationships in the body and what does it feel like when they are in a state of harmony? What roles do strength and flexibility play relative to a particular lifestyle? What are our personal patterns? How do they manifest and how do we build a practice to unwind those patterns?

These are a few of the questions that direct the flow of the Dragon Rising Emergence program. We borrow from the tradition of yoga, blending other modalities in along the way, to facilitate a base for primal movement and its inherent purifying qualities. It is about embodiment. It is about applying the practice to our lives, all the while inviting a deeper personal relationship with Source.

Structural integrity becomes Soul integrity. The union of yoga is experienced in the bringing together of the two seemingly separate worlds of all form and the formless, of the physical and energetic. Here we realize that there is no separation, but only the dance of existence, of totality.

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