Dragon Rising Emergence is a program designed to support and inspire you upon your path. It is a journey into the art, science, and movement of an evolving personal practice.

session schedule overview

The Dragon Rising Emergence program consists of a series of week-long immersions at our studio space in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The first four sessions are vital, and are required to reach teaching certification at the 200 hour level with Yoga Alliance. We plan on offering additional, advanced sessions as well, in support of a 500 hour certification for those interested in furthering their experience.

daily session schedule

In general, we meet from Saturday to Saturday, from 10am until about 5pm most days. Sundays are from 9am to 4pm. We take lots of breaks throughout the day, and a day off in the middle of the week. Upon registration for any session of the course, you'll receive more information regarding schedule details for that session.

session dates

Emergence 2016-17: Session Three | register

Session Three: The Spiral Body & Shoulders

October 29th - November 5th, 2016 | click the image for details

emergence session three

frequently asked questions

How much does the course cost and how do I register?

For information on the cost of the Dragon Rising Emergence program and how to register go to the Tuition and Registration page.

Do I have to have been practicing yoga for a minimum number of years to be able to attend the course?

No. It is impossible to require of our participants some arbitrary number of years of prior practice. Two years solid practice would be a good number but cannot apply to everyone. What is requested however is that you have a felt sense of being in the body – what we might call ‘body awareness’. Ironically, newer students tend to do very well on the course since they are not contending with common patterns and habits that may be the result of previous practices and systems.

May I attend the course if I do not intend on teaching yoga?

Yes. Only some students will be taking the course to obtain a certificate for teaching. The course material and the way in which it is presented will very much appeal to those interested in deepening an existing practice. The Dragon Rising Emergence program helps to develop an individual’s personal practice, deepening his or her dialogue with their sense of the Inner Teacher. Our personal practice is led by intuition and deep studies, and often becomes the inspiration to teach.

Must I attend all the sessions of the training?

Participants interested in attending the course to obtain a teaching certificate will need to complete the entire course. It is inevitable that a day is missed here and there but the material missed can usually be made up. Anyone not interested in certification may attend any or all of the course sessions at their leisure.

What will be covered in this 200 hour course?

Writing extensively about what we cover in the 220+ hours of the emergence would be difficult at best. If you read through the topics listed in the sessions scheduled above and you will have some idea about the nature of the course. Consider the emergence as an advanced training in how to practice. We stress learning the most vital elements of a personal practice, leading to an incredible depth of knowledge in what is body-appropriate, therapeutic, structurally integrative, and most of all, spiritually infused.

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