Healing is a natural part of conscious embodiment, and public classes can only carry us so far. Let us help you find deeper meaning in your practice through personal yoga and craniosacral sessions.

beyond public classes

Public classes are amazing for immersing yourself into the depth of the community practice. There is a wonderful momentum that builds and flows when many people join together with similar intentions to center themselves through such dynamic work.

And yet it is inevitable that you may find yourself a bit lost or overwhelmed in the flow of the regular classes. Maybe there is an injury you have lived with for some years, or trauma in your life that manifested in your body in a way that you have come to settle with as something that will always be there. Perhaps there are patterns in your life and body that you are now recognizing as negative or not supportive of your unfolding awareness.

Maybe it’s time to discover a more personalized practice?

custom yoga

When you see your personal postural patterns and begin to understand how they show up and how they are operating in the orchestration of your life, it is extremely empowering. There is a way to build an inverse equation to your personal patterns through a personalized application of yoga that supports a great unwinding, a deepening of your practice, and an accelerated process of integration and healing.

In private sessions we study, with much compassion and levity, ways to breathe and support life on your journey. In the very least you will learn to make the most of your yoga practice, whether practicing alone at home or in public classes. You find your own custom practice - your very own personalized approach that is the most body-appropriate and dynamic formula for carrying you ever deeper into whatever you enjoy.

For rates and available times for personal yoga sessions please contact sean or schedule a session with any of our teachers the next time you visit the Dragon.

personal yoga sessions craniosacral sessions