All classes held at Dragon Rising are meant to do one thing – help individuals realize inner space and alignment through integrative movement and spiritual clarity.

finding your schedule

Yoga classes are an hour and a half in length, except for the noon classes, which are an hour and fifteen minutes. Specific times are shown on the schedule for each class. Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts to settle in and get your spot. Being on time helps the flow of the class and deepens every participant’s practice.

You will notice significant increases in the momentum and depth of your personal practice if you can attend a minimum of three classes per week. Three is a magical minimum, but it does not mean that you should practice every day. As much as it seems like such advice works against our business model, it is wise to find a personal rhythm to the frequency of your practice. You'll find that the depths to which we go in our practice at Dragon Rising contribute to your possible need to put a little space between your classes. Some folks need to move more than others though, so follow your instinct.

You'll find details on class rates, including our discounted class card packages on the pricing page.

outside the box

Describing classes at Dragon Rising is difficult at best. We are often asked “What kind of yoga is this?” We like to keep things open ended, avoiding as often as possible clinging to specific systems and healing modalities in favor of an open, creative evolution of the human experience through the movement arts.

It is so vital to recognize and understand the relationships between complementary forces and what happens when they come into harmony. It is exhilarating to share the experience of the sublime embodiment of soul with fellow seekers. All intuitive movement is an expression of the One Life, and it is through that breathing movement that we deepen our relationship with the Sacred.


Our Santa Fe teachers and facilitators, as well as visiting teachers and specialists offer supplemental workshops and events at Dragon Rising throughout the year. Shops and intensives are a fantastic way to deepen your practice and to build momentum on any path of integration, healing, and embodiment. The wider the perspective, the deeper the roots of any practice.

Keep an eye on the events page for tasty retreats and immersions facilitated and held by our teachers in beautiful and inspiring places near and far. An opportunity to balance the Santa Fe experience with some time in the ocean or in the jungle is always a good thing, and we at Dragon Rising need it too.

If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life. —Confucius
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