dragon rising

Dragon Rising is a yoga and movement sanctuary located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We guide deep, dynamic classes intended to help you journey inward and find your center.

your space

The movement space at Dragon Rising is deeply inviting, seductive in its simplicity, clarity, and tone. When you bring your practice, your intention, breath and awareness and join others in conscious movement the space continues to be saturated with presence. You should feel at home and completely comfortable in class, and so it is the intention of those of us who crafted the space to support that. It's your space...

grounded & held

Designing and building the inner space of the studio we always felt that the space was clean, without a charge and perfect for the intended use of personal movement practice in a community setting. The space is very grounded and held. The light entering from the Western wall windows in the afternoon is sublime. To the North there is a naturally planted courtyard that has become a meditation piece in its own right.

The materials, textures, and colors are clean - all designed to bring warmth and subtlety to the space and to maximize light movement. The floor is made of solid maple, assembled by one of the studio founders and teachers. Every board was placed with intention, and there are sanskrit prayers written beneath the wood in all four corners of the room, the Dragon Rising of the space, and the threshold of the entrance.


Our beloved renaissance man Satto designed and crafted the furniture at Dragon Rising to welcome you into the warmth and quietude of the space and make your time with us as comfortable as possible. There are benches in the back and plenty of coat hangars to store your things while you practice. You may enjoy a cup of tea in the kitchen or sit for a while in the meditation room before or after you dance or get on the mat.

We invite you to stay a while. Don’t let your practice time just be another thing on your to-do list. Instead, relax the time around your practice if you can and enjoy the space at Dragon Rising as your breath deepens and your nervous system unwinds.

journey space

The space in which you find your deepest practice is something you will come to remember. As unattached as we would like to be, there is so much in the journey and experience of your practice that has to do with the energetic and physical space in which it takes place. Your time at Dragon Rising dancing or on the yoga mat becomes a lyrical metaphor for your bigger practice out in the world.

This is your journey, and the collective momentum of so many souls on a common mission of awakening adds depth and a nurturing quality to the space and we invite you to meet us there time and time again.

Under this bright moon I sit like an old buddha knees spread wide —Kobayashi Isso
your practice your space