Teachers and facilitators at Dragon Rising bring all their passion and insight to classes, where you’ll enjoy the constant evolution of the deep practice within the context of complementary perspectives.

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Teachers at Dragon Rising share a simple vision - to hold, in all our passion, the healing and life-supporting practice of yoga. Our teachers come from varying traditions, yet we all understand the necessity and essence of a practice that is held in a safe, nurturing, non-competitive space.

sean tebor | eryt500

sean tebor

Sean inspires intuitive, primal movement through the progressive application of yoga as a path for integration and embodiment. His teaching is supported by years of exploration into the science and art of core-oriented expression and structural integrity, in a practice that invokes a personal relationship with Source. His passion is for the awakening of the core, and for recognizing that physical and energetic relationships exist to point the way towards union within the sacred midline. Sean is a companion, holding a deep space within which practitioners may appreciate a most body-appropriate, dynamic, and healing way into their essential nature.

Sean's deep practice over the past 13 years began after a 17 year journey into the martial arts, where he first discovered his passion for conscious movement and integration. Sean can be found holding classes, dancing, and playing with his partner Munay and the community at their Santa Fe, New Mexico based studio Dragon Rising.

munay halfon | ryt200


Munay holds wide, nourishing space at Dragon Rising with her partner Sean. She's a gifted guide and companion in class, and an impassioned, embodied dancer. Munay has a gift for holding and inspiring quiet, sublime, wise feminine space. It comes through her hands in cranio-sacral sessions, through her voice in class, and through her embodied, natural movement.

shawn parell | eryt500


Shawn is a mama, teacher, and writer dedicated to illuminating the path of authentic, integrative practice. She combines her extensive studies in yogic philosophy, language, and mystical poetry with the alchemy of nearly twenty years of living an evolutionary practice.

In addition to offering yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats worldwide, Shawn mentors others in Prana Vinyasa, a sacred embodiment system created by her teacher, Shiva Rea. She is the Director of Programs for the nonprofit Anahata International, bringing trauma-sensitive wellness trainings and resources to conflict-affected communities in places like Rwanda and the West Bank. She also co-founded the DC Global Mala – part of a worldwide event raising awareness and funds for issues such as global warming, fair trade, and equal education opportunities. Shawn’s work has been featured in publications ranging from Yoga Journal and OmYoga to SHAPE Magazine.

Visit Shawn's website here.

mario sandoval | ryt200

lila mulkey

Mario is a native of Santa Fe, where his deep ancestral roots have kept him close to the “land of enchantment”. He incorporates the fruits of a life long practice of Martial Arts into a disciplined and source-inspired yoga practice. Mario is a devotional, heart-centered practitioner and teacher, driven passionately to continually develop a practice that is free of systems and always evolving. His practice and teaching are inspired by depth of breath, core, balance, and rhythm, always within the wisdom of what is pain-free.

Mario inspires practitioners to drop in deeply, unwinding patterns that steal from the truth of alignment. He inspires self-nourishment and a motivated power of practice.

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