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Dragon Rising is a yoga and movement sanctuary located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We guide deep, dynamic classes intended to help you journey inward and find your center.

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Dragon Rising is here to support your personal practice in the most profoundly deep, body-appropriate and dynamic way. Share with us the constant weaving of the traditions of yoga and mindful movement into a journey that is always on the cusp of change through exploration, discovery, and awakening.

We care about supporting conscious living and our collective capacity to be in fluid motion with it. A mindful, dynamic movement practice enlivens your body and deepens your breath. Much more profoundly, it becomes an invitation to embody – to step fully onto a path of personal healing and awakening. Conscious movement and postural awareness become mirrors of our capacity to be present, a metaphor for living in the world.

going deep

To go deep we must step outside the box. Yoga continues to evolve as West meets East, and we have the advantage as practitioners and seekers of appreciating the alchemy of combining different perspectives. The breath takes us there - to that place in which the thinking mind takes a back seat to the profundity and power of what it is to balance the relationships in the body both physically and energetically. We weave the threads of understanding joint mechanics, lines of energy, structural myofascial harmony, and the flow of the breath of life into a tapestry of awareness that heals, grounds, and liberates.

Going deep implies that we let go. Let go of our perception of the rules, relying on the truth of the body to guide us. We add to the recipe any ingredient that serves the evolution of movement as soul and body integration. A deep practice has no bounds and no limitations - it simply evolves from the ground up, from inside to outside.


Over the past age, our culture has managed to separate the mind from its roots. What we have been taught about strength, intelligence, and power are superficial at best. These often charged terms usually reside and have meaning solely in the realm of the egoic state. Our ideas and definitions of such things are likely based on understanding mental strength in the sense of control, that knowledge is power, and physical strength is all about muscle with little to no awareness or focus drawn to the deep belly-core. What would it be like to experience the authentic and unbounded creativity and life force inherent in us all?

When your practice goes deep into the realm of feeling and intuition it awakens the dormant wild animal in you, allowing the life-force to flow freely and empower your every moment. The intelligence in your head is reunited with the greater intelligence in the deep belly. The core-oriented and balancing space held at Dragon Rising is passionately crafted to help you step outside of the culturally projected box and into your own individuated light. Your life becomes greatly enhanced and fortified by your conscious movement practice and your deepening presence.

Enough. These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here. This opening to the life we have refused again and again until now. Until now. —David Whyte
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